long live gets me every time i swear 

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"We were in it together. We’ll take care of each other.”

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@lauraosnes: The hills are alive… @santinofontana #Vail #FirstInstaVid

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The hills are alive… @santinofontana #Vail #FirstInstaVid 

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Laura Osnes fashion rainbow!

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In other news: has anyone ever baked scones? Do you like em/any tips?

Yes! Scones are great, but when making the dough, it’s going to be a little crumbly, but don’t be taken back. Pumpkin scones are my favorite, but regular with a whipped topping and some sort of jam is also amazing!

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""Shake It Off" is not, in fact, the sound of Swift losing her most defining features, or becoming a generic pop artist. Taylor is still being Taylor, the type of writer any musician would dream of becoming, but she’s shedding her damaged skin like a snake and morphing into a more carefree, confident narrator." BILLBOARD FUCKING GET IT

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you can be the king; BUT WATCH THE QUEEN CONQUER 

future queens regnant of europe

elisabeth (belgium) ◆ catharina-amalia (the netherlands) ◆ ingrid alexandra (norway) ◆ leonor (spain) ◆ estelle (sweden)

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